Who’s that girl?

My name is Brittney, although I like the thought of changing my name to Brittanica, so that’s exactly what I’ve done on the interweb.  In January, I turned twenty-one twenty-two  twenty- three,which was simultaneously fabulous and unbelievably scary. It’s fabulous because I can continue to walk into a bar like a (real life) grown-up and drink a beer, my favorite alcoholic beverage, without a care in the world and unbelievably scary because I have to actively pursue becoming a full-fledged grown-up now. It’s very complicated stuff.

I’m no longer a senior in college pursuing an English-writing degree, which usually perplexes people because it’s a pretty general degree and there’s this unspoken rule that general (liberal arts) majors aren’t really marketable in the workforce, but I like to think that writing completes me and books are my life-long traveling companion, so that totally trumps everything else, right? I’m I was also a Women and Gender studies minor and am still a loud and proud feminist. Deconstructing gender roles and blasting society’s unrealistic beauty standards gives me a weird high, but I’m also really, really passionate about sexual assault awareness and ending rape culture, so I’m helping society out, while pursuing my interests. It’s a win-win situation.

Romance is dead. Relationships scare the hell out of me, but I have the best group of friends who get me, so I’m pretty content with single life. I’m not actively pursuing finding someone who completes me or anything cheesy like that mostly because I want to rule the world one day and a guy will just cramp my style. I was in a relationship for a year and knew the highest forms of happiness, but that came to an end in November of 2015 and now I’m feeling the roller-coaster of emotions when you love someone, but hate them for making you feel like you’re not good enough. I’m sure, like everything else, it will fade into a dull ache and a memory I fondly recall when I’m older and wiser and less emotionally scarred.

Currently, I write poetry because of this awesome class I’m taking, but I also have to write a 50 page short story before I graduate (which is in May 2014), so this blog is mostly brainstorming/character developing for that short story. and my 50 page short story project became my 30 page poetry project. After long nights and longer mornings fueled by coffee, my project was completed and I passed with flying colors. Some of my poems will pop up on here when I’m editing them or just want to feel good about my writing, so be kind, but also critical. I work at a solar company, like a full-fledged adult. I have a salary, stock, and health insurance. It’s nothing I ever thought I could want to do, but here I am doing it and loving what I do. I’m in line for another promotion and I have met amazing friends in the process, so if that’s not something to grateful for I don’t know what is. 

I’m also into this confessional/diary-like thing that people use blogs for, so you’ll also see rants and reflections about my life.

Enjoy it…or not, but know that I’m exuberantly happy with how life is treating me and will continue to be as I figure out what I want to do in this next chapter post-college graduation during this adulting adventure.  


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