June Miles


I like to think of June as the month I started to get serious about half marathon training. In the year that I’ve been continuously running, I’ve ran more miles in other months, but they were mostly at the gym. These runs were, for the most part, outdoors and pushed me to my limits by getting my pace into the 11 minute spectrum. It also helped me get excited about running again- pushing me to want to run outside by myself rather than trying to wait on outside forces (like other people or the perfect conditions) to motivate me. I’m super proud of myself and this calendar. I believe I’m going to try to do longer runs during the week and have my shorter runs be my hill training days as those workouts are lethal and I usually don’t do long runs if there’s tons of hills.

This year has definitely showed me that I can push my limits and survive. Actually, I can not only survive, but exceed my expectations. I’m going to PR at the Rock and Roll half. I can feel it in my bones. I’m ready to push and see the progress my mind and body has experienced.


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