Realization Station

Images play havoc on my mind
Forsaking the closure I’m trying to find
Shortcomings inherent in what I believe
Oh, why can’t I just silently grieve

Rain noisily drops against my window pane 
Threatening to drive me completely insane
Glimpses of you dance before my eyes
Retrieving all your past hellos and goodbyes

Melodic notes sounding in my ear
Forcing your memory back to life, crystal clear
With every rest and crescendoing sensation
Reminds me of that poor decrepit train station

Rusted tracks make us clumsy enough to fall
Leaving our mark along the soiled walls
Staring at the heavens high above
Whispers of innocent dreams and hopeful love

Remembering helps to set me free
Rejoicing in this newly discovered me
Transcending past mistakes and my fragile state
Watching my heart mend at a constant rate


Author: Brittney

A girl who lives in books, loves in songs, wallows in self-doubt, demands equality, and consumes copious amounts of coffee, while fighting the patriarchy.

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