Don’t be coy.

I know what you’re up to.

I can see your true intentions

by that slick smile


the way you say my name.

You can push all you want, but

You won’t push me down.

I’m tired of being nice.

I’m ready to be the queen bitch.

It’s becoming second nature

to roll my eyes at your inability to understand

issues that are way beyond your intellect.

Try to keep me in my place,

but I’ll resist. 

I’ll kick and scream until you get the picture.

I’m here to change your twisted notions

and keep you from this circular process

in which I am the vessel

that you successfully fill.

Sorry to break it to you,


I’m not an object.

I’m a human being

with feelings

and opinions.

If you don’t like what I say,

then I’ve completed what I’ve set out to do.

I will not be silenced.

If you’re uncomfortable,


You need to feel uncomfortable.

It’s about time you comprehend

just how much





Push me down.

I dare you.

I’ll change the world


I’ll do it

without your help.




Author: Brittney

A girl who lives in books, loves in songs, wallows in self-doubt, demands equality, and consumes copious amounts of coffee, while fighting the patriarchy.

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