So I went to a party last night and some married guy whose wife has been deployed for six months tried to “get” with me. I spent a good chunk of time trying to tell him that his wife was ten times the woman I was and that she was a courageous woman serving our country and deserved his fidelity. I then coaxed him into leaving the shit show of a party so that he could contemplate the many reasons why he loved her and had married her. Before he left he gave huge hug and squeezed my hand. Only I could conduct a counseling session while drunk at a college party…

BUT I had a blast dancing the night away like an idiot.

The only con of the whole night? Starbucks boy had promised to go, but (like the last time he promised something) he broke it and didn’t show up.





Author: Brittney

A girl who lives in books, loves in songs, wallows in self-doubt, demands equality, and consumes copious amounts of coffee, while fighting the patriarchy.

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