The Life and Times of a College Student Looking for Work

I’ve filled out numerous job applications over the last few weeks because I’m bored and having a little more money in the bank wouldn’t hurt. Since then, I’ve gotten one email back from Macy’s, but I had to cancel the interview at the last minute. I’m a little discouraged, but I’m hoping by the end of July that I’ll have at least one interview that I’ve completed and (hopefully) have a job lined up for the next school year. I really want to work and go to school. I feel like I need to do more than I’ve done in the past two years and working, whether its in retail or at a coffee shop, will keep me busy. I may be going to school, but I can’t use it as an excuse to not get experience in different industries. I’m the kind of girl that gets restless, so any excuse to learn something new is going to be welcomed with open arms. Being in college is nice, but sometimes I get the feeling that it’s hindering me from doing other things with my life. I look at classmates from high school that have gone the untraditional route and I find that I’m envious of their willingness to step out into the unknown. There’s nothing wrong with working and finding what you love before rushing into spending thousands of dollars on an education. Frankly, if I could turn back time, that’s exactly what I would do. I’d work and figure out what the hell I was good at and passionate about and then I’d go to school to hone that passion. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that who you are in high school won’t be the same person you are in your twenties and that’s not a bad thing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on the “path less traveled.” In my mind, I’m the most unconventional person, but in real life, I’m as conforming as they come. I wish that I could go back in time and tell my 17 year old self that going to a well-known college won’t satisfy your hunger for more and that college will be an adventure, but it won’t be the adventure you were craving. I’d tell her she shouldn’t be surprised that after her sophomore year she won’t want to teach and that she’ll be up in arms with her decision to major in English. She’ll think that going to grad school is the natural progression she should follow after college, but that her future self will think grad school is a waste of time and money because she’s in desperate need of experience. Life is about experience. Experience, whether it’s as small as deciding to change high schools after freshmen year or it’s as big as moving to Washington to go to college, is beautiful and should never be regretted. Heres to experience and working your ass off to get what you want! 


Author: Brittney

A girl who lives in books, loves in songs, wallows in self-doubt, demands equality, and consumes copious amounts of coffee, while fighting the patriarchy.

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