Spokane in the Summer

I expected to participate in various outdoor adventures when I decided to stay in Spokane this summer. To say that I’ve been unsuccessful with completing these adventures is an understatement. I haven’t done anything remotely “outdoorsy” or “adventuresy” since being here and it’s all because of Spokane’s bipolar weather. I was promised 80 degree days, the sun’s warm (not scorching) rays, and hiking (or slowly walking as to not fall over steep inclines that Idaho-ans claim to be “hills”) at Tubbs Hill or leisurely swimming in Coeur d’Alene lake (while wearing water shoes, which is a whole new world to me because I’m a beach kind of girl and I only associate sand with water not pebbles) and even tubing down the Spokane river (which hadn’t sounded so appealing when I glimpsed the various minuscule, transparent fly/beetles that were hovering over the surface of the water last August) and, maybe even, a jaunt down to Leavenworth (which I’ve heard isn’t fun unless you go when your 21 and it’s Oktoberfest where the German beer is plentiful and the transportation around town is free) to experience Bavaria in the middle of Washington state. None of these promises have been kept and I’m rather disappointed. Since I’ve been here, the weather has mirrored that of Seattle- rainy, windy, and overcast. Every time I do get a glimpse of a beautiful day, my hopes are dashed the next when I’m forced to put on my Gonzaga sweatshirt, jeans, and my boots. Summer is halfway done and I’m hoping that Spokane will shape up and give me the summer I’ve been dreaming about because I can’t remember a time when this city girl wanted to be one with nature.



Author: Brittney

A girl who lives in books, loves in songs, wallows in self-doubt, demands equality, and consumes copious amounts of coffee, while fighting the patriarchy.

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